Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Conflict Horizon Miniatures

Character turn-around sheets...the not so fun part of concept art lol
Good practice though.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

1st project - rough concept

I wanted to do a little more than just fill my silhouette with stuff.  So the concept behind this idea is that the objects and activities that define who i am as a person are literally defining my facial features.  Large objects like the Norwegian flag and the tablet define large flat planes and the marks made from the pencil and digital pen follow the contours of my face.  As it is right now, its a bit difficult to tell its me, but i feel like if i spent a lot of time on the pencil contours i could get a very accurate representation.

objects used -
-telephone poles
-Korean flag
-Norwegian flag
-pencil (drawing)
-paintbrush (painting)
-wacom pen (drawing)
-wacom tablet
-drum (drumsticks)
-mazda logo
-sci fi
-will add more in the final one

and most of the images used in this were just pulled from google and manipulated in photoshop.  For the final one, all the images will be re-created in illustrator. 

- Jeff