Thursday, September 20, 2012

Flag Bearer

Some new work.


  1. Absolutely gorgeous. It looks like it's an actual painting, how did you manage to get those textures?

  2. thanks anna! I usually get the painting to a pretty finalized stage (where all the values, color and composition are set) and then i collapse all the layers into one. and then to get that oil paint look, i use the smudge tool at 100% strength. I try to avoid smudging areas too close to the focal point though, because where its smudged, the viewers eye tends to scan over it more quickly and will end up back at the focal point. i also have a few brushes that imitate the look of wet paint that i will mess with towards the end of the painting.

    1. That's awesome, definitely got some amazing texture without overpowering any part of the piece. Good advice on the focal point, I have tried to do the painterly smudges on my own pieces but it never turns out so well.

  3. Very impressive! I really like the barren ice-land, and how the warm colors are creeping in from the bottom left corner!